What Are the Types of Hair Extensions?


There are different types of hair extensions available in the market, depending on what kind of look you desire achieved. Hair extensions are usually made of human or synthetic hair. Hair extensions exist in different forms, such as clip in extensions, hair weaving, heat seal extensions, ultra sonic extensions, hair bonding, and etc.


If you simply want to get a special look for a celebration or an occasion, or just want to test the impact of the hair extensions for the very first time, then you can go with clip in extensions. You can always get hair extensions to add a bit of length and fullness to your hair.


With hair weaving, you can get a new look extremely easily without harming your natural hair. The procedure of applying extensions to your hair consists of stitching the hair in to your own hair.

For the heat seal extensions, the synthetic hair is glued to the real hair and heated to make a seal gently. For the Micro link extensions, they are attached on each individual hair by making use of a plastic ring to make the genuine hair and synthetic hair get together stably.


The last type we want to discuss here is the hair bonding, it is a very common technique, but due to the use of glue on the hair, this extension can harm the hair a lot. Hair bonding can last for about one week and it can be removed extremely easily.


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