Beauty Products Every Grown Woman Should Own

You've probably accumulated enough ultra-shiny lip glosses and fruity body mists during your teenage years to open a brick-and-mortar version of Claire's. But once you reach a certain age, it's important to have a well-edited collection of tried-and-tested beauty products that help you to look your best and transcend trends and time.

From a red lipstick that you always feel good wearing to a sunscreen you swear to slather on every single day, here are 10 beauty products we believe are must-haves once you reach adulthood.
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These Are the Must-Have Beauty Products Editors Are Buying in January

What most refer to as "dry January" (re: no alcoholic drinks) means "dehydrated skin and hair" in our beauty dictionary. To combat the harsh weather in these colder months, we stock our vanities with creamy, glow-enhancing goodies. Add on some pretty makeup picks and you have a gorgeous Winter face. Keep reading to discover the launches we can't live without this month.
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Beauty products are going high-tech wearable

L'Oreal is not a name usually associated with International CES, the annual consumer electronics show, but GuiveBalooch, global vice president of the brand name's technology venture known as L'Oreal's Technology Incubator, was in Las Vegas this week to unveil the beauty giant's new foray into wearable tech, and it's not a bracelet (thank the heavens).
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8 skincare and beauty products you'll want this year

After trying out different beauty products as part of my work, there are some that I've relied on for years and will still be using this year-unless something better comes along.

While thinking of what best to write for the first Friday of 2016, I looked through my dresser, toiletry kit and bathroom for products I could throw away. I checked expiration dates and also gave away some products I hadn't opened and knew I wouldn't use.

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New Year, New Makeup Bag: When to Toss Old Beauty Products

Out with the old, in with the new" isn't just one of those overused phrase that applies to the arrival of 2016—if your vanity is crowded with products you picked up years ago, it may be time to introduce the saying to your hair and makeup rituals. Just because there's still a little product left in that tube of MAC Lipglass you bought back in 2012, doesn't mean you should actually use it, and since most beauty products aren't stamped with a sell-by date, figuring out exactly when to toss them can be vague.
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